Paw-sitively Perk-tastic Brews

Our brews are expertly crafted combinations of different coffee beans, carefully selected to create a harmonious flavor profile that offers a unique and balanced taste experience. Click on any of these artisanal coffees to learn more!
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Enjoy some cat-ffeine that gives back

We believe in giving back to our feline friends in need. That's why we proudly donate 10% of all proceeds to cat-based charities. Every sip of our carefully crafted coffees, helps support organizations dedicated to improving the lives of cats in need.

All donations go to the following charities:

Catsbury Park

Trenton Cats Rescue

Attention all cat enthusiasts and lovers of feline friends!

Our company is on the lookout for passionate individuals and non-profit organizations dedicated to all things cat-related. We believe that the bond between humans and cats is truly special, and we want to collaborate with like-minded partners who share our love for these amazing creatures.